Friday, November 12, 2010

Cinta Laura di claim sbg org MALAYSIA?~

Omg,why Cinta Laura has been claim as MALAYSIAN?but why? 0.o
i think y'all must this video,an interview from indonesian TV station
i think most of the MALAYSIAN know her because her drama that she act has been show in Malaysia
such as CINDERELLA(TV2) and Upik,Abu&Laura(TV3)

ok this is Cinta Laura info:

Kiehl's father Michael Kiehl is a successful German hotelier and her mother, Herdiana Kiehl a successful Indonesian lawyer. Due to her father's job, Cinta's childhood was filled with travels around the globe. She moved from country to country every two (2) years making her mother's tongue English.

when she start her carier?

In May 2006, Cinta won an acting and modeling competition, in which, a movie production house (MD Entertainment) saw uniqueness and individuality. Hence, offering her a main role in a new TV series called Cinderella -Apakah Cinta Hanya Mimpi?.
Before she began her debut on Indonesia's TV screen, she was taught how to act and to speak Bahasa Indonesia sufficiently. Hence, after undergoing many processes her TV show aired on the 5th of February 2007. After five months in the business, she immediately received a prestige award as "BEST ACTRESS 2007" of the SCTV Awards, one week after her 14th birthday. Winning the award from other famous long known Indonesian actresses such as Nia RamadhaniShireen Sungkar and Marshanda.

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