Friday, April 1, 2011


in trend cover gurlz april edition
sharifah kn?aq 1st time tgk trus ckp "wow!,hot!"
time 2 kt kdi,aq nk beli maskulin magazine...damn!jelez,sharifah amani alwayz cute uolls<3
x makan dek usia,pendek kte always look like a teenager..2 pndek br kte,pnjang x kte lg. :P
haha,i love the way sharifah amani look at this cover..XD i love her style.
btw korg msti nk tau kn top 2 from what brand..n also her shoes aite?
TOP and CULOTTES-Paul Smith spring summer 2011
SHOES-Nine West
stylist dat styled up sharifah amani is Vee Mukhtaram and Kheme Rosly
make up by Sheng Saw and hair by David Shaw :)
all these information i got from
*credit 2*

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