Saturday, April 30, 2011


PLUS SIZE?chubby?or yg sma waktu dgnnya.......
FYI,aq ckup pantang bler ader org hina or talking shit bout org PLUS SIZE!
sbb ape?sbb aq dl penah berada kt tmpt diorg!so aq tau perasaan diorg cmne!
to uollz yg ske sgt hina2 or kutuk2 org PLUS SIZE nie sudah2 la 2...
we r not perfrect FYI org PLUS SIZE lg HOT n GORGEOUS dr org yg size badan normal
korg igt org yg plus size nie xleh nk jd normal size ke?actually boleh ok....
de yg after jd normal size bapak r HOT+GORGEOUS!
sumpah aq x tipu,one of my FB frenz dl size XXXL,now da jdi size M
body muscular+sasa lg....besides dat kt US dh berlambak org2 yg plus size jd famous
kt sna plus size pn bleh jd model tau...cume kt M'SIA je yg xde lg industri PLUS SIZE model nie
to uollz yg PLUS SIZE 2 dnt feel down ok!be confident with what u hv!
uollz hv own speciality!love ur body......uollz cn shine like a diamond! ;D
if uollz nk jd sizenormal pn bleh,but make sure DIET cr yg SIHAT k?
jgn dok amik pil2 kurus yg nthpape,coz sumer 2 de side effect..
if nk cri supplement utk DIET sy syorkn uollz cri kt GNC store
they hv a lot of type supplement......

i cn turn my fear to dust!korg pn bleh!
dnt be scared to blend up with ppl,jgn mlu kerana korg PLUS SIZE
dnt   be   shy n scared with ur body.....u must be proud n grateful :)
dl sy penah je pki bju size XXXL,XL n L
now da size M :), if korg nk jd normal size n try diet make sure jgn hangat2 tahi ayam
kne de disiplin dlm diri!msti bleh pnye,if org lain bleh knpe uollz x bleh kn? ;)

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