Sunday, November 21, 2010

Between Angel and Devil

this is a story about a 1st he was a nice guy
but lately,he changed.....he became a lil bit evil....
coz he felt tired 2 b an innocent guy,when he became such a nice guy
his lover was unfaithful toward him....but he very loyal,faithful n love his lover so much
but his lover didnt do dat,his lover were unfaithful.....then there r a person dat tried 2 stole away his lover from him...
everynight he cried,he thinks and said "why all these thing happen 2 me?,i didnt tried 2 stole away anyone lover..why dat person want 2 stole mine?"then the devil came and whisper 2 him "u must change,u must cheat on ur lover...theres no point 2 b an innocent person...everyone didnt do dat 2 u...ur lover also unfaithful 2 u must absorb a lil bit evil inside u".
but one thing led 2 another,GOD send him an that he will not influenced by the Devil whisper....
but he confused....which one should he listen?his faith r shaking....he felt dat he r alone and no one understand him....he still confused...

                                            Between Angel and Devil
                      which one should he choose?
maybe Devil
or Angel?
or maybe both?
or his heart will have Angel and Devil 
inside his heart.....

until now no one knows what he choose....whether Angel or Devil
it'll be a secret until now....the key for the answer
is the guy himself!now he prefer night than day...
because he said dat night is beautiful.....
maybe it his his fate....he must struggle alone
poor him,he always take care everyone feeling
but the sad is,no one take care of his feelings....
hope that he will choose Angel....
but it is his choice...we cnt do anything.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


this song is so touching....
its make me touched,i feel calm when hear this song
Maher Zain so great!two thumbs up for him...XD
i feel proud 2 b a muslim

P/S:remember if u hv a problem,pray 2 ALLAH
HE is always by urside....HE loves u
insyaallah ur will find ur way..:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cinta Laura di claim sbg org MALAYSIA?~

Omg,why Cinta Laura has been claim as MALAYSIAN?but why? 0.o
i think y'all must this video,an interview from indonesian TV station
i think most of the MALAYSIAN know her because her drama that she act has been show in Malaysia
such as CINDERELLA(TV2) and Upik,Abu&Laura(TV3)

ok this is Cinta Laura info:

Kiehl's father Michael Kiehl is a successful German hotelier and her mother, Herdiana Kiehl a successful Indonesian lawyer. Due to her father's job, Cinta's childhood was filled with travels around the globe. She moved from country to country every two (2) years making her mother's tongue English.

when she start her carier?

In May 2006, Cinta won an acting and modeling competition, in which, a movie production house (MD Entertainment) saw uniqueness and individuality. Hence, offering her a main role in a new TV series called Cinderella -Apakah Cinta Hanya Mimpi?.
Before she began her debut on Indonesia's TV screen, she was taught how to act and to speak Bahasa Indonesia sufficiently. Hence, after undergoing many processes her TV show aired on the 5th of February 2007. After five months in the business, she immediately received a prestige award as "BEST ACTRESS 2007" of the SCTV Awards, one week after her 14th birthday. Winning the award from other famous long known Indonesian actresses such as Nia RamadhaniShireen Sungkar and Marshanda.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ponti Anak Remaja

cerita ini mengisah kn pontianak muda yg b'nama Ponti yg telah dipakukn dan menjalani kehidupan sbg manusia dan pelajar kolej.....akan tetapi kekasih lamanya semasa kehidupannya sbg pontianak dtg mencarinya kembali...ttp ponti telah mempunyai kekasih manusia yg b'nma hazuan.ini kerana Ponti tidak igt apa2 tntng kehidupan silamnya.......

btw,sy tgk citer nie n agak menarik jgk
jln citer pn best,mmg sy cdngkn korg sumer tgk citer nie
pe2 pn two thumbs up n tahniah 2 Nizam Zakaria!xD
kerana menghasilkan citer nie....mmg best!
i give 5 star!hehe ;P

Saturday, November 6, 2010

waffle~yummy2 yum2....^^

slm sumer,hehe knl x nie pe?nie la waffle...
aq klu kuar g mall msti beli waffle
my favourite is chocolate waffle...yummy :D
btw waffle klu kt negara barat slalu diorg mkn ms breakfast
i bet y'all love waffle,rite?hehe..... ;p
waffles jgk bleyh d serve as dessert...hehe

what is waffle?
waffle is a batter- or dough-based cake cooked in a waffle iron patterned to give a distinctive and characteristic shape. There are many variations based on the type and shape of the iron and the recipe used.
Other waffle-shaped foods exist, and are sometimes referred to as waffles because of their shape. Most are actually potato products.
Waffles are eaten throughout the world, particularly in Belgium and the United States. Common toppings are strawberries, chocolate, sugar, honey, syrups, ice cream and more. Waffles can be desserts and breakfasts.
Varieties of waffle
american waffles
American waffles vary significantly, but are often made from a batter leavened with baking powder and may be round, square, or rectangular in shape. They are usually served as a sweet breakfast food, topped with butter and either maple syrup, other fruit syrups, or powdered sugar. They are also found in many different savory dishes, such as fried chicken and waffles or topped with kidney stew. They may also be served as desserts, topped with ice cream and various other toppings. They are generally denser and thinner than the Belgian waffle. Waffles were first introduced to North America in 1620 by Pilgrims who brought the method from Holland. Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron from France, and waffle frolics or parties became popular in the late 18th century.
Belgian Waffles or Brussels Waffles
Belgian waffles, or Brussels waffles, are prepared with a yeast-leavened batter. It is generally, but not always, lighter, thicker, and crispier and has larger pockets compared to other waffle varieties. They are easy to differentiate from Liège Waffles by their rectangular sides. In Belgium, most waffles are served warm by street vendors and dusted with confectioner's sugar though in tourist areas they might be topped with whipped cream, soft fruit or chocolate spread (a practice considered 'unauthentic' by some local conoisseurs). In America, they are served in the same ways the American waffle is served. Despite their name, 'Brussels waffles' were actually invented in Ghent in 1839. They were introduced to America by restaurateur Maurice Vermersch, who sold his Brussels waffles under the name "Bel-Gem Waffles" at New York's 1964 World's Fair.
Liege Waffles
The Liège waffle (from the city of Liège, in eastern Belgium) is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle. Invented by the chef of theprince-bishop of Liège in the 18th century as an adaptation of brioche bread dough, it features chunks of pearl sugar, which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle when baked. It is the most common type of waffle available in Belgium and is prepared in plain, vanilla and cinnamon varieties by street vendors across the nation.
Stroopwafels (Dutchsyrup waffles) are thin waffles with a syrup filling. They were first made in Gouda in the Netherlands during the 18th or 19th century. The stiff batter for the waffles is made from flourbutterbrown sugaryeastmilk, and eggs. Medium-sized balls of batter are put on the waffle iron. When the waffle is baked and while it is still warm, it is cut into two halves. The warm filling, made from syrup, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon, is spread in between the waffle halves, which glues them together. They are popular in Belgium and the Netherlands and sold in pre-prepared packages from local supermarkets.
Scandinavian style waffles
Scandinavian style waffles, common throughout the Nordic countries, are thin, made in a heart-shaped waffle iron. The batter is similar to other varieties. The most common style are sweet, with whipped or sour cream and strawberry or raspberry jam, or berries, or simply sugar, on top.
  • In Norwaybrown cheese is also a popular topping. As with crèpes, there are those who prefer a salted style with various mixes, such as blue cheese.
  • In Finland, savory toppings are uncommon; instead jamsugarwhipped cream or vanilla ice cream are usually used.
  • In Iceland, the traditional topping is either rhubarb or blueberry jam with whipped cream on top. Syrup and chocolate spread are also popular substitutes for the jam.
  • The Swedish tradition dates at least to the 15th century, and there is even a particular day for the purpose, Vårfrudagen ("Our Lady's Day"), which sounds like Våffeldagen (waffle day), and is therefore used for the purpose. This is March 25 (nine months before Christmas), the Christian holiday of Annunciation.

Waffle Toppings
Waffles can be eaten plain (especially the thinner kinds) or sprinkled with powdered sugar. Depending on the region they may be eaten with various toppings such as syrup (maple syrup,chocolate syrupflavored syrup), Nutellabutterjam, fruits (e.g. bananasblueberriesboysenberriesraspberriesstrawberries), chocolate chips or dulce de lecheIce cream cones are also a type of waffles or wafers.
Waffles with ice cream toppings


so,2 la info2 psl one of my fav food....
hehe amacam nmpk sedap kn wafel nie?
dl ms aq keja after SPM time rehat je msti beli wafel.. nasi 2 mkn la jgk...but wafel msti beli. :D

Bila Cinta~

Bila cinta kini
Tak lagi bermakna
Yang ku rasa kini
Hanyalah nestapa
Ditinggalkan cinta masa lalu
Dulu kau tawarkan
Manisnya janjimu
Yang ku sambut itu
Dengan segenap hatiku
  Hingga engkau pergi
Hilangnya cintamu
Menusuk hatiku
  Hinggaku memilih
Cinta yang fana
Perginya dirimu
merobek jantungku
Hingga ku terjatuh
Dalam harapan
Hilangnya cintamu
Menusuk hatiku
Hingga ku terjatuh
Dalam harapan

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ice Cream~ ^^

ice cream.....i bet everyone loves ice cream rite?;)
hehe so do i....everyone hv their own favourite flavours.....
besides there r so many type of ice cream flavours n brand
comes lets know more bout ice cream 

what is ice cream?

Ice cream or ice-cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with other sweeteners. In some cases, artificial flavourings and colourings are used in addition to (or in replacement of) the natural ingredients. This mixture is stirred slowly while cooling to prevent large ice crystals from forming; the result is a smoothly textured ice cream.
The meaning of the term ice cream varies from one country to another. Terms like frozen custardfrozen yogurtsorbetgelato and others are used to distinguish different varieties and styles. In some countries, like the USA, the term ice cream applies only to a specific variety, and their governments regulate the commercial use of all these terms based on quantities of ingredients. In others, like Italy and Argentina, one word is used for all the variants. Alternatives made from soy milkrice milk, and goat milk are available for those who are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to dairy protein, or in the case of soy and rice milk, for those who want to avoid animal products.

Ice cream may hv the following composition:
  • greater than 10% milkfat and usually between 10% and as high as 16% fat in some premium ice creams
  • 9 to 12% milk solids-not-fat: this component, also known as the serum solids, contains the proteins (caseins and whey proteins) and carbohydrates (lactose) found in milk
  • 12 to 16% sweeteners: usually a combination of sucrose and glucose-based corn syrup sweeteners
  • 0.2 to 0.5% stabilisers and emulsifiers
  • 55% to 64% water which comes from the milk or other ingredients.
These compositions are percentage by weight. Since ice cream can contain as much as half air by volume, these numbers may be reduced by as much as half if cited by volume. In terms of dietary considerations, however, the percentages by weight are more relevant. Even the low fat products have high caloric content: Ben and Jerry's No Fat Vanilla Fudge contains 150 calories per half cup due to its high sugar content

type of ice cream,look so yummy^^
it can b serve in many ways

My BoO~

this is my boo~hehe amacam comel x?
           my baby gurlz,her name is nur adriana batrisyia bt hanafi..^^ sweet name kn? ;P
                           dye nie anak kpd czn sy,after SPM sy jd baby sitter dye jgk....
                    so de experience jg bdk2 neh...;p,btw this pic d amik ms umo dye dlm beberapa bln.
                    oh ya b4 i 4get 2 tell uollz,girl yg cntik yg pegang adriana nie nme dye nur fatin
                    psst....dye nie single lg.ahaks xD ahahaha.....nme pnggilan baby nie tisyia...
                     tp sy slalu pnggil sandha2x,nk tau knpe?sbb dye d lhirkn d hosp seberang jaya
                     n my fav actress kn asal sne,spe lg klu bkn Fasha Sandha..ekekeke,
                     tp sy pnggil tisyia jgk la...hehe,omg she so cute!!!!!kecik2 da pndi pose dpn cam.
now dye da b'umo 1 thn....nie pic t'bru dye xD sweet n cutest!love her so much...ngee ;P
pic dr dkt....hehe,comey x?
of coz la comey!!!my baby gurlz...hehe


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love aka CHINTA~

drama chinta nie ialah drama yg terbaru d slot akasia tv3
drama nie menggantikan drama epilog syurga cinta....korg tgk x drama nie?;)hehe
btw drama nie best!jln cerita pn sy la,pendapat sumer org kn lain2.

Sinopsis CHINTA

Drama Chinta TV3 mengisahkan perjalanan perit seorang gadis baik dengan imej bertudung di sebuah kampung.

Namun hidupnya mula dikaburi seribu satu dugaan yang datang menghimpit apabila abang kandungnya Kamal (lakonan Azhar Sulaiman) sanggup merogol dan menjualnya. Bukan itu saja, sahabat karibnya, Mustika (lakonan Zarynn Min) pula menikam dirinya di sebalik kelembutan sebagai teman hanya kerana cemburu akan sayang seorang jejaka, Fakri (lakonan Ezany Nizariff) yang mencintai Chinta.

Meskipun tidak sesekali ingkar akan tanggungjawab kepada agama dan dirinya, Chinta terus dilanda dugaan yang datang bukan sekali, sebaliknya bertimpa-timpa hingga menyebabkan dirinya lemas dalam suratan yang tertulis buatnya.

Chinta mula mempersoalkan nasibnya dan merasakan Tuhan tidak adil padanya. Justeru, Chinta tekad dan bangkit menentang takdirnya hingga mengambil keputusan meninggalkan kampung halamannya untuk berhijrah ke bandar raya bagi mengecapi satu impian di luar imaginasinya......

                                   inilah teraju utama drama CHINTA,Fasha Sandha sbg Chinta
                                   btw she is my fav actress!xD multitalented....
                                   tpsy tau rmi yg x ske dye....but who cares?nobody is perfect.. :)
sory peeps,its juz my offence k.peace~ ^^V

sKitTles oH SkitTlEs

pernah x korg sumer mkn gula2 nie?
msti korg sumer penah kn....lgpn gula2 nie mmg attractive,btol x?;p
yela dgn colour nye yg colourful mcm pelangi aka rainbow 2...hehe
nk d jdikn cerita,1 hri 2 tibe2 je t'ingin nk mkn pegi la cr kt 7e tp da hbis ;( so sy pg la kt kdi laen plak...but da result is da same huhuhu.seminggu sy cri jgk skittles neh n akhirnya ketemu jg,mengidam mengalahkn org pregnant hehe,mmg sdp hee.......;D its sweet n bler sy tgk skittles yg b'mcm2 warna nie sy t'fikir sesuatu,ia mempunyai b'mcm2 warna tp didlm 1 packaging...umpama rakyat malaysia lah,mempunyai pelbagai kaum tp tnggal didlm 1 negara dgn aman n damai.wlupn kita berasal dr latar belakang n kaum yg b'beza tp kita adalah rakyat malaysia!we r malaysian!XD.

lg 1,skittles nie kn merwarna warni mcm pelangi.....ceria n menarik,Pelangi or Rainbow. msti korg mmpunyai kenangan manis yg berkaitan dgn pelangi,btol x?hehehe sy pn ader kenangan manis yg berkaitan dgn pelangi,aww so sweet xD!dan pelangi jgk mmpunyai makna yg tersendiri bg korg jgk kn?hehe.

P/S:pelangi jgk mmpunyai makna yg tersendiri bg sy....nk tau pe makna 2?
hahaha biarlah rahsia k. ;P biarlah sy sorg je tau pe makna pelangi bg sy.**wink**

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sesi Perkenalan

slm....hehe sy br nk start blogging2 nie....actually dl da wt blog dh,tp utk Persatuan Bahasa Melayu ms form 5 dl.skrg da bnyk lupa cmne nk hias2 blog..nk add widget.hope spe2 yg pro n mmg da lme dlm dunia blogging nie ajar sye :),sy kn bdk br blajar...hehe

My Biodata
my name is muhammad syazwan bin mohamad tahir
D.OB:22 march 1992(tarikh lhir sye sme ngn tarikh lahir seniman agung allahyarham Tan Sri P Ramlee,hehe.. :p)
i was born in kajang..but raised in penang when i was 6months(still baby)im da 2nd child..thats all i cn write peeps...but i promise 2 write an interesting story of my life..hehehe. ;)

 my mood....hehe tp ikt hri la.*wink*